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  • Psychological and Aboriginal Ways
    Psychological and Aboriginal Ways
  • The first step is you...
    The first step is you...
  • Life is simple. any amoeba lives!
    Life is simple. any amoeba lives!
  • Introductory workshops
    Introductory workshops

Who we are…

We are two people who want to make a difference. We combined psychological and Aboriginal ways to have unique way of seeing the world. We use visual therapeutic tools, such as ‘the map’ and ‘your compass’ to empower people to live, love and learn according to natural laws of the land. We are Roslyn Snyder and Shaun Nannup.

Roslyn established WISDOM in Your Life in 1999. 

What we do…

How we do…

People learn and grow from experience.

By doing things as opposed to simply listening or reading our learning is integrated.

Our programs provide simple, integrated and inclusive experiences.

We use art/music/stories/movement and language. 

Hard and emotional topics are explored with wisdom, fun, laughter and love.

We provide knowledge, skills and practical everyday solutions.

Our facilitators have the ability to create a space for you to get what you need.

We provide infinite possibilities.

Why we do…


A way forward for humanity

Humanity needs to align with the natural laws of the universe otherwise we risk isolation, fragmentation and eventually disintegrations. Law of quantum chaos (Gribbin, 2005). This is the Great Integrity. If we do not learn to live aligned to nature, human beings will eventually die out…


Quantum Chaos
– the science underlying our work

  • Most scientists agree that quantum chaos is the way the world works.
  • Human beings experience this as spirituality.
  • Human beings connect with quantum chaos through art.

Natural Laws of the Universe

Quantum Chaos/Spiritual Law


Everything and everyone is

–      Connected
–      Interdependent
–      Has it’s nature, place and purpose
–      Dynamic
–      Symmetrical
–      Complete
–      Self-organized
–      Fractal
–      Infinite

In practice this means:
If we follow these laws, we live in harmony. All human systems need to adhere to quantum chaotic principles. The Great Integrity occurs when we all apply quantum chaotic principles.

When we don’t, we live isolated, fragmented or we disintegrate as individuals, groups and organisations.

Result of disharmony include:

  • Abuse of power (a fragmented person, family, business, country)
  • Breakdown of community (community isolated or fragmented)
  • Suicide (disintegration of life)
  • Mental illness (fragmented mind)
  • Physical illness (fragmented mind/body or body)
  • Loneliness (isolation)
  • Violence (a disintegrated society)
  • Drugs (a fragmented person)
  • Apathy (disconnection)
  • Family dysfunction (fragmented family, isolated family members, isolated family)

Disharmony in an individual can be created by a broken group/family or a broken community/workplace. We are responsible for our own integrity, parents are responsible for the integrity of the family, bosses are responsible for the integrity of the workplace and our leaders are responsible for the integrity of our communities and organisations.

All our books, products and training follow the laws of quantum chaos. The first two quantum chaotic patterns are ‘the map’ and ‘your compass’. Each of these have books, charts and programs to teach people these patterns.

Click here to download ‘A Plan for Humanity’

Self Integrity

Self Integrity occurs when a person is emotionally mentally healthy, they are whole. They connect, integrate and expand with knowledge, they know their nature, place and purpose in life, they grow and develop wisdom.

Group Integrity

Group Integrity occurs when a group connects, integrates and expands as a living entity. Within this group is a sense of safety and security, with each person feeling they belong. They are valued for who they are. While the group may have a leader, this leader does not take from the others. All people within the group feels equal to all others in the group and are encouraged to grow even if this means leaving the group. Whether this group is a family, a social or work related group this is the way forward for humanity.

Organisational Integrity

Organisational Integrity occurs when an entire organisation works or lives as ‘one of one’. The organisation connects, integrates and expands organically. Each person knows their place, their nature and their purpose in the organisation. This leads to each group knowing their own importance to the organisation and they feel equal, no one group is more important and everyone works towards the expansion of the organisation. Whether the organisation is a workplace, an extended family or a community. An organisation with organisational integrity stops their members falling through the cracks and make room for all members and newcomers.

Great Integrity

Humanity needs to align with the natural laws of the universe otherwise we risk isolation, fragmentation and eventually disintegrations. Law of quantum chaos (Gribbin, 2005).