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Running on Empty

The solution may not simply be refuelling. Do you have days when you feel like you are playing catch up? Do you fall into bed at night exhausted but not able to sleep – your mind is racing? Are the words “Sea Change” close to your heart. You are not alone. But the solution may involve more than just refuelling; it may be time...

Three reasons psychology is failing the masses

I love psychology, when I was training every new piece of research thrilled me, every person I work with amazes me and the breadth and depth of psychology is all inspiring. Psychology is all about human systems, which we can apply to individuals, families, workplaces, social groups, community, the world and, also anything that humans interact with, machines (ergonomics), animals and the environment. But,...

A simple truth about life

A simple truth about life.   We appreciate life when we are faced with death. We live life when we are faced with destruction. We create in the face of adversity. We sing when we need to be free. We dance when we need stillness within. When we have everything handed to us, we turn away. We need to struggle, we need to fight,...

Bunnies, Bystanders and Gunholders

Don’t shoot said the rabbit, It is such a bad habit, It would not be so funny If you were the bunny And I was the man with the gun BANG BANG A rhyme that my Pop used to say to me. When I began my journey to be a therapist, I used to see injustice and wanted to help the bunnies of this...

A Simple Truth About Suicide

Emotionally mentally healthy people do not kill themselves. To prevent suicide requires showing people how to be emotionally mentally healthy. To become emotional mentally healthy requires you to ‘do’ things that balance, connect and integrate the mind: specifically between thinking (mental) and feeling (emotional); right (intuitive) and left (logical) brain; conscious and unconscious; verbal and non-verbal. The way many of us live focuses on...