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Corporate Integrity

Corporate Integrity through the infusion of Aboriginal Wisdom 

In traditional Aboriginal communities, everything was connected. Each person knew their nature, place and purpose. Systems were in place to build integrity.

In today’s busy world everything is still connected. The difference is many people don’t know their nature, place or purpose and there are no structural processes to build integrity into individuals, families and workplaces. Many people feel lost and alone. 

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We run three levels of training.  

  • Entry Level Employees 
  • Employees
  • Executives/Leaders

Entry Level Employees

Workplace Capacity 

– for employees from disadvantaged communities to develop self management skills and interpersonal skills to facilitate a sustainable transition to the workplace. Ideally to start during the final years of high school.

We run a three stage process.

Stage 1. Earth School – foundations for life
  • Building internal resilience – ten 1.5 hour lessons
    1. Self-management
    2. Emotional intelligence
    3. Healthy learning practices
    4. Understanding barriers
    5. Identifying cycles
  • Building resilient relationships – ten 1.5 hour lessons
    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Professional resilience
    3. Work-family interface
    4. Building professional relationships
    5. Skills to manage up
Stage 2. Healing trans-generational trauma 

Trans-generational trauma is often an underlying issue that creates disadvantaged families. 

  • Year 1 – Understanding the emotional landscape
  • Year 2 – Connecting to your core nature
  • Year 3 – How to weave the social fabric
  • Year 4 – How to create the universal threads

This is one week every year ‘on country’ to heal and change underlaying beliefs that disadvantaged families often carry. 

Stage 3. Ongoing mentoring
  • Weekly/fortnightly mentoring sessions for the first year – 1 hour
  • Fortnightly/monthly mentoring sessions for the subsequent years 

Professional Resilience

for employees who have recently transitioned to work. This program is designed to build resilience and give workers practical strategies to make informed decisions, and ensure all relationships in the workplace are professional. 

Stage 1. Earth School – foundations for life
  • Building internal resilience – ten 1.5 hour lessons
    1. Self-management
    2. Emotional intelligence
    3. Healthy learning practices
    4. Understanding barriers
    5. Identifying cycles
  • Building resilient relationships – ten 1.5 hour lessons
    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Professional resilience
    3. Work-family interface
    4. Building professional relationships
    5. Skills to manage up
Stage 2. 
  • Understanding the emotional landscape – decision making
  • Connecting to your core nature – professional interactions
  • Introduction to workplace integrity – integrated workplace culture

Five day program for up to 16 employees


Workplace Integrity

Stage 1 Law of the land 4
  • Introduction to Aboriginal Wisdom 
  • Laws of the land

4hour program in your workplace for up to 16 people. 

Stage 2 Nature, place and purpose
  • Finding your path 
  • Identifying your core Nature, self, and life purpose 
  • Understanding connections to the energy of the land.

3 day program in your workplace for up to 16 people.

Stage 3. Anchor and Source
  • On country
  • Experiencing the energy of the land and the universe

2 day program ‘on country’ for up to 16 people

Stage 4. Mentor Training (optional)
  • Strong families = Strong Connections
  • Strong Communities = Strong Connections
  • Theory and application for Mentoring

For workers who want to mentor workers from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of the Workplace Capacity.

Executive Training – Introduction to the Hidden Patterns of Life 
  • Connecting science, arts and spirituality
  • Aboriginal storytelling on country.

This program is an introduction to the Leaders without Borders program. 

Additional 1 day programs 
Stress management from within
  • Practical visual framework for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Understanding the internal ramifications of untreated stress.

Most stress management techniques focus on external solutions e.g. diet and exercise. We focus on internal solutions and actually create new neural pathways to heal the ‘closed loops’ created by an unhealthy mind. See Healing your mind for more information.

Team Building from the Inside Out 
  • Practical ways to build team culture
  • Practical ways to identify barriers




View StoryRight Now

If everything in your life has to be done Right Now, you will be living with stress. Only a life threatening event needs a Right Now response.

So take five minutes Right Now - this may save your life. Close your eyes and remember back to a time when nothing else mattered but you - a time when you were really free - free of parent's disapproval, free of any other person's disapproval, free of any pressure. It may be at a time when you were truly alone and enjoyed it. Or when you were at one with nature, a time when you realise just how insignificant you are within the entire world.

Now think about this moment that you are in right now, the gap in between just then and just now - this is your time.

In between every moment can be your time.

So enjoy this time and slowly over time you may learn how to extend these moments throughout your life.

You will then discover that every moment and between every moment you can enjoy life - when you enjoy life you will find you are no longer stressed and you will be truly free.

 Written by Roslyn Snyder



View StoryThe Five Types of Love

According to Ralph Alan Dale, there are five types of love. The first three types of love violate the laws of nature and are destructive to our society. Which type of love are your relationships based on? 

The first type of love is possessive love. This is like owning an object! Success is defined by how many, how rare or how beautiful the object is that you possess. This type of love can be described as a selfish and manipulative act. This type of love can lead to domestic violence or family abuse.

The second type of love is co-dependent love. This type of love is based on the belief that you can not exist without the other (drug or alcohol can be the other) or  the union of two people with one identity. Co-dependent love prevents self growth and independence. In some circles, this is believed to be ideal love. 

The third type of love is romantic love and is based on a belief that there exists only one perfect mate for you and this perfect mate will complete your life, your relationship has no conflicts and is easy, they will fill your deficiencies and you don't need to grow as a person. The other person can never live up to these unrealistic expectations and will let you down. A perfect mate  is an illusion and people go from one relationship to another in search of their perfect mate. People often feel unfulfilled and that they are missing out. This highly sought after, but completely unfulfilling type of love is what Hollywood movies sell us on. 

The fourth type of love is infinite love and this is based on the belief that love is an energy that flows between people, nature and life. Love is freely given and received, not only to and from other people but to rocks, birds, art, and nature. The person that feels infinite love has shed their armour and masks and is truly free. To feel love and compassion for all people all of the time is difficult, but this is what is required of infinite love. However, in our society this type of love is judged as 'do gooders', 'tree huggers' 'crossing professional boundaries' and often misinterpreted from a framework of the other types of love. Occasionally, this can be used as a mask for the other types of love. Many abusers will talk the talk of infinite love only their actions may be showing  romantic love. 

The fifth type of love is becoming love and this is based on the belief we are one of one and are pure energy. This type of love currently cannot be experienced only dreamt about! We need a critical mass of people experiencing and living infinite love to make this a reality. Imagine a world where the majority of people do not need to sacrifice their humanity to be accepted. 

by Roslyn Snyder

View StoryWith These Few Words

With these few words I hope to inspire
Although you will still need to perspire
But it will be done with a large smile
and a deep happiness down inside

That bubbles and grows each new day
that makes you want to stand and shout Hey
Look at what I am doing so well
I am climbing out of the depths of hell

To a better life To a better place
A place that I find within myself
That is within me every day
It's free and I don't have to pay

I have grown this place deep inside
That I can visit at any time
When I am sad and overwhelmed
I simply close my eyes and I'm helped

And I have climbed the mountains
The mountains of doubts and despair
Until I have reached the top where
I am totally full of hope.