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Aboriginal Communities


Australian Aboriginal people lived in harmony with each other, the land and the universe for over 50,000 years. Imagine if we could do this today. It is time to weave some Aboriginal magic throughout the world and live, love and learn through art, story, music, dance and language the laws of the land that Aboriginal people around the world have know for centuries.


However, since colonisation this has been severely disrupted. Now all we hear about is Aboriginal Disadvantage, an industry based on dependence and Trans-generational trauma supported by systemic racism. Systemic racism becomes internalised by Aboriginal people and maintains the disadvantage. 

To eliminate Aboriginal disadvantage, we have a three pronged approach, each with three stages:


  • Healing Trans-generational trauma (For people who are impacted by trans-generational trauma)
    1. Healing through ‘the map’ enrol now
    2. Healing through ‘your compass’ enrol now
    3. Healing the energy patterns of trauma and abuse enrol now 

Young People’s Stories from DetentionStories from prison.  

  • Empowering Aboriginal Communities to become interdependent (For Aboriginal community leaders/workers).
    1. Strong Families = Strong Communities (2 days).
    2. Strong Connections = Strong Communities (2 days)
    3. Theory and Application for your Community (2 days)

  • Infusing Aboriginal Wisdom in the Workplace
    1. Law of the land (4hour introduction)
    2. Nature, place and purpose (3 days)
    3. Anchor and Source (2 days on Country).

Plus we have programs for professionals who work with Aboriginal communities.

Shaun Nannup – Indigenous Consultant. 

See Shaun’s story in his TEDx talk  Freedom 

Shaun also does Welcome to Country, Didgeridoo and storytelling. 

These three paintings depict the re-creation of our world as a unified whole, they were painted by Shaun Nannup and guide our work.


The first painting shows the energy of people coming together.
The second painting shows the separation of earth and sky. 
The third painting shows the rebirth of humanity.


Shaun has been facilitating workshops since 2010. Often when we run workshops, Shaun will draw this image, it was only later that we realised, this was a picture of Uncle Thomas. Uncle Thomas is one of Shaun Nannup’s ancestor. He used to come and tell stories to Shaun’s family. Uncle Thomas represents the past, the strong and proud leader and that each and every person in that workshop has the ability to become a proud strong leader, whether that is simply within themselves, their family or the wider community. As Uncle Thomas appears on a whiteboard, paper or cloth you can feel the energy of the workshop change. People who were slumped, or in despair suddenly sit a little straighter, they see possibilities. Shaun and I give thanks for Uncle Thomas.

Shaun Nannup is a human being, an Indigenous man and a father. His purpose in life is to connect people through his stories. If you have sat through a ‘welcome to country’ by Shaun you will know how connected he is. He is connected to the ancestors. He knows their stories. He knows what must be done. He is a leader of reconciliation.

WisdomHowever, he also understands the struggle. As a teenager, sitting on country he just got angrier and angrier, and he didn’t understand why. He could not feel the connection  to Earth, he had something blocking his energy connection. This impacted on many aspects of his life. He, like most Indigenous people was carrying Trans-generational trauma. The impact of years of racism. Nearly every Aboriginal person carries this trauma, although many deal with it by making a difference in their community, but you only need to see the reaction when racism occurs to know the pain that is carried. It is time to heal that pain, so that the next generation will not carry this any longer.


Trans generational trauma is passed down the generations whenever there is an event, be it war, abuse, genocide, stolen generation that is not healed. This trauma stops or limits connections, not only to Earth but to each other. By healing this trauma, he could connect to himself and therefore to the land. He has been connected with WISDOM in Your Life since 2004. We teach people the process to heal the trauma, talking about it does not heal it, this only acknowledges the trauma, which is the first step. There are three steps to healing trauma and the process is ongoing.


WISDOM in Your Life is committed to working with Aboriginal individuals, families and communities to facilitate healing. The pain and suffering must stop for us to move forward as a country. 

Racism in Australia.

Our team deals with racism on a daily basis. Whether it is blatant, subtle or hidden, it still pervades our society. Whether people overcompensate and patronise Aboriginal people, or Aboriginal people have to prove that they are better or people believe they get ‘too much’, there is still an ‘us and them’ attitude. This belief is harming all of us and needs to be challenged. The universal truth is that we are all human beings and are all of equal value. 


A few examples of racism an Aboriginal family that rings for a tradesman to install a patio at their home, who upon answering the door is immediately told. “I’ve got the wrong place!”. This had the underlying belief that no Aboriginal family would own their own home. We once took a  group of young Aboriginal men from the country to a food hall, and upon entering nearly every person sitting at a table turned and looked and grabbed hold of their handbags. I found this very confronting. One young man was nearly crying when he asked me “Why do they hate me so much? I have never done anything wrong.” Another said “It makes me feel like grabbing their bags! but Mum has told me that would prove their beliefs right” The underlying belief that all young Aboriginal men will steal your handbag, they are bad.  


I was  asked in a workshop whether domestic violence and/or abuse occurs in white families. “Of course domestic violence occurs in the white community” but it is perceived as a ‘black problem’ by Aboriginal people, and they are ashamed.  An Aboriginal man told the story of some family members that were ‘too black’ to come inside the house. When pressed, he said it meant nothing, it’s just a saying. When asked what message is this sending to his son he suddenly saw that this common expression is harmful because it says that there is something wrong with being black. 

The dominant underlying belief in our society is that Black is less than White.

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View StoryLeaders

There are four types of leaders: The best leader is indistinguishable from the will of those who selected her.
The next best leader enjoys the love and praise of the people. The poor leader rules through coercion and fear.
And the worst leader is a tyrant despised by the multitudes who the victims of his power.

What a world of difference among these leaders!
In the last two types, what is done is without sincerity and trust – only coercion.
In the second type, there is harmony between leader and the people. The first type, whatever is done happens so naturally that no one presumes to take the credit!

Tao Te Ching

View StoryThe Eleventh Hour

"We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.

And there are things to be considered. Where are you living? What are you
doing? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relation?
Where is your water? Know your garden.

It is time to speak your truth. Create your community.
Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold onto the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the river,
Keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.
See who is in there with you and Celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all ourselves.
For the moment that we do, Our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over, Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner And in celebration.

We are the one's we've been waiting for."

The Elders, Hopi Nation, Oraibi Arizona



View StoryThe Serpent has ascended

The Serpent rises from its mournful sleep, awakens uncomfortably as it stretches in the morning dew, filled with the moon’s energy. The Serpent absorbs this moisture as nourishment for the final leg of the journey.

The subtle soft energy of the morning sun filters through the thick rain forest and joins with the moon’s energy and energises the snake. The snake journeys northward slowly gaining momentum, the snake is gigantic over 60 feet long and thick enough to swallow a person whole, yet the thick rainforest parts to allow the Serpent it’s freedom, closing behind as the Serpent passes through. No evidence can be found of the Serpent’s passing is visible to anyone. Those who know: knows the Serpent has awakened and is on it’s final journey home.

The temple sits high on the mountain: the pillars overgrown with vines. Yet the temple is majestic. As the Serpent reaches the base of this giant stone temple, it circumnavigates the pillars one at a time – learning the secrets from the ancient stones that the temple is built upon. The Serpent needs to know the lie of the land before it can ascend the great height of the temple’s roof. The Serpent’s final resting place: where the Serpent belongs. The Serpent has spent the last millennium travelling the earthly realm learning the secrets.

All the knowledge of the universe is within the giant Serpent. The journey of this snake has traversed the world as we know it. The journey has been long and arduous and as the giant serpent reaches it’s final resting place, the transformation begins.

Upon reaching the apex of the temple, the snake sheds its skin, the skin that has protected it for a millennium. As the skin is discarded the true form of this majestic creature is revealed to those who are able to sense, those who are able to breathe through their skin, those that don’t rely on others to hold them, those that are truly free, those that can be at peace. The true nature of the Serpent and the Temple is revealed to be Me, not me as me who stands in front of you, the me who is you who is me. The Serpent has ascended. The coming together of the temple and the serpent is a significant energy meld – the ancient ones have joined with journeying ones to share their stories and the truth of the source. The source is me and you united as one.

Ten years have past and the Grass Tree Men have arrived. “Let’s go! Let’s do it!” This is the call of the Grass Tree Men. The Grass Tree Men are joining together to form an army, walking side by side, with powerful magic, the magic of Love and Transformation, that will lead humanity forward to peace, harmony and stillness. The Grass Tree Men dance the dance of oneness across the world, they invade your dreams, they hold your hands and love you while they teach you the dance of oneness. Join with them and breathe as one. The Grass Tree Men are protectors and lovers, allow them into your life today.

The Grass Tree Men have been born of the union of the Ancestors and the Source (Me and You). The Ancestors, who live in every bush, rock, animal, or bird withheld their knowledge, waiting until the Serpent Ascended. They are now sharing their knowledge of Universal Dreaming.