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Professional Training

Professional Training is for people who work with people, who need to understand human behaviour.
Especially useful for mental/emotional health workers.


Five fundamental wisdoms of happy healthy families, teaches parents about the hidden patterns underlying each and every family.

Workplace culture

Corporate Integrity require workers, teams and management to have integrity.

Corporate Integrity

People spend a lot of their time in workplaces we aim to create harmonious and integrity based workplaces so people can thrive not just survive. Aboriginal spirituality is missing in most workplaces.

Leaders without Borders

Anyone wanting to expand their consciousness needs to b emotionally mentally robust or healthy. This program is based on Realm Theory. You do not need to understand the scientific paper, this program gives you experiences to develop the ability to see how everything and everyone is connected.

Aboriginal Communities

We need to connect with Indigenous people around the world, because they can show us the way to re-create our world to align with the natural laws of the universe. They have practiced these principles for thousands of years and have the connection to the land that will anchor all of us while we align with the natural laws of the universe.

Community Harmony

Community harmony is created by individuals living in harmony with the universe.

Healing Your Mind 

The world is full of silent screams and lost souls, the symptoms of broken lives. These broken lives can be inherited from our parents and passed onto our children. It is time to heal these broken lives. WISDOM in Your Life teaches a process of healing. This is not a quick fix and you need to do the work.