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A Simple Truth About Suicide

Emotionally mentally healthy people do not kill themselves.

To prevent suicide requires showing people how to be emotionally mentally healthy.

To become emotional mentally healthy requires you to ‘do’ things that balance, connect and integrate the mind: specifically between thinking (mental) and feeling (emotional); right (intuitive) and left (logical) brain; conscious and unconscious; verbal and non-verbal. The way many of us live focuses on thinking over feeling, logic over intuition, verbal over non-verbal consciousness over unconscious; this leads to many people fragmenting their mind. However, focusing only on the emotional, intuitive and unconscious is also not balanced, connected and integrated.

Try this simple activity: Breathe in and out very fast for one minute, thinking stress, stress, stress. How does your body feel? Now try breathing in and out slowly for one minute thinking relax, relax, relax. How does your body feel? How do you usually go through the day? Whether you go through the day stressed or relaxed (a feeling) and what you are thinking (I’m so busy!) affects how your body is.


Simple Truths

Roslyn Snyder is an experienced psychologist and author who transform complex psychological processes into simple words and pictures.

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