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Sustainable Indigenous Employment Framework

We aim for a business model with a clear way to sustainable employment and empowerment of Aboriginal people.

WISDOM in Your Life has a two prong process to address this. Aboriginal workers need to be empowered and have a better understanding of corporate workplace and corporate workers need to have a better understanding of Aboriginal culture, so the interface between them is not harsh. 


Barriers to employing Aboriginal people

Several issues exists which make employing and retaining Aboriginal staff difficult:

  1. The well documented Aboriginal disadvantage, which at the crux is a false belief that Aboriginal people are inferior to non-Aboriginal people
  2. Fear (8 out of 10 non-Aboriginal people have never spoken to an Aboriginal person)
  3. Trans-generational trauma,
  4. Corporate and Aboriginal cultures are different
We offer a one-stop shop for Aboriginal employment.

We offer:

  • Cultural integrity for both individual employees and their workplace.
  • Self-integrity with a focus on empowerment.
  • Customised work readiness/capacity programs.
  • Employment Action Plans for Aboriginal and all employee’s.
  • Indigenous and Psychological mechanisms to provide robust support.