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WISDOM in Your Life is a social business; our profits go to empowering disadvantage by our proven programs and products. All our work is based on the science of quantum chaos: the power of three is an important concept in that each entity has three energy connections, therefore our sponsorship programs have three energy connections or sources of funding. One third of the funding comes from the profits of WISDOM in Your Life, one third from the recipients of the funding and one third comes from the person or organisation that requires sponsorship.  This process ensures that the program becomes a reality with long-term benefits of interdependence not dependence.

For example:

An Aboriginal community wants a Strong Families Strong Communities program, which costs about $12,000. Therefore the Aboriginal community needs to pay $4, 000, the wider community pays $4, 000 (small sponsorships are accepted) and WISDOM in Your Life contribute $4,000.

A group of women escaping domestic violence wants to set up a life journey club in which 6 members need help to purchase a Self Repair Tool Kit. The total cost of this is $150 x 6, or $900. Each woman pays $50 ($50 x 6), WISDOM in Your Life contributes $300 and three community members contribute $100 each.

A school wants a class set of Journey to the centre of your life – the map, 30 copies @$28 is $840 or each group pay $280.

If you have are a disadvantaged individual group or community please email your requests, if you are a rainbow hearted community member and want to sponsor something or someone, please let us know.